Fanta – Artist in The Gambia

Fanta Sillah lives with her mother, brothers, and sisters in Yonna, The Gambia, a small village in West Africa.  A vibrant young woman, Fanta is often found helping others with their schoolwork, cooking for the family, or doing the family’s laundry. Although the family is very poor, they have a strong work ethic and love of family and God..

Fanta recently completed her secondary sshool graduation with high scores on the exit exams.  She hopes to train to become a registered nurse so that she may help people in need.

Artwork by Fanta takes a range of perspective, depending on the moment in time. As is true of artists everywhere, Fanta draws from her emotions, moods, and her true life. As such, she offers a diverse look into life in The Gambia as a young Christian woman.

Profits from her work will fund her education and help with education for others in her family and village.